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Projector Bob is the perfect source that provides in-depth reviews and guides on the best projectors. We have tons of articles/guides for beginners and those who are more experienced with the projector.

This website is dedicated to providing both honest and to-the-point reviews of products that readers are interested in. Projector Bob is a website that reviews and provides information for anyone exploring projectors, screens, or related accessories.

We are a group of projector geeks who spend most of their sitting in front of the screen testing, reviewing & reading tons of reviews from various sources on projectors and accessories. After doing all this detailed analysis and hard work, we create an ultimate guide on projectors.

We do not sell any projectors and other products here. This website is just for providing quality and detailed reviews and guides to help people figure out which product is the best fit for them.

Since it is important to keep all details on this site free for our valuable readers, we must rely on small affiliate commissions to pay our bills and buy coffee. Based on our experience with the technology behind projectors, this website provides unbiased reviews and advice.

Robert Scott [Bob] − Man Behind Projector Bob

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Robert Scott [Nickname: Bob] is a projector geek who loves researching the latest technologies. Bob is an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject matter and can answer any question about projectors, projection systems, or any other accessories.

Robert Scott founded Projector Bob, a website dedicated to providing free resources for people in business and academia to use for projector research.

He also plays call of duty and GTA with friends on weekends and reads books about crazy survival stories when he wants to relax after work.

Contact Bob: [email protected]